Testimonials on Sue Deckrow

Oh my the things me and you went through, in only 9 months!!! I found you to become more of a friend to me than anything! Without you I don’t think I would have opened my eyes to the things I did! I thank God for having me meet you! I can be crazy but in a weird way, you always understood me. It brings tears to my eyes but you are an amazing woman and God honestly sent you for a reason, your friendship is honestly something I will always keep close to my heart, and if you ever need me Im here! Thank you so much Sue for everything. I know its your job to help mothers like me but something makes me believe you went over and beyond for me! And you did even down to the last day when you found the perfect family! Sue I love you and you will always have a place in my heart! May God bless you Sue! Please lets never lose contact! See you again 🙂




The support Sue provided throughout the adoption process was invaluable. She answered all of our questions thoroughly, provided advice throughout the waiting period, and tirelessly gave support whenever necessary through timely email responses. We could not have hoped for a smoother or more comfortable experience.




Matt and I wanted to send a note to thank you for assisting us in fulfilling our dreams of becoming parents. Had it not been for you we would not have our beautiful Liza in our arms right now!

When we started working with our adoption agency she had mentioned that there was an agency out of Florida that she preferred we work with. She told us how this is one of the few agencies she could really trust and whom really cared for the clients they worked with. Because of this their placement rate is extremely high.

As soon as we were matched with our Birth Mom, whom was your client, I understood why our adoption agent said such great things about you! Immediately we felt very comfortable and knew we could trust everyone involved. I could also pick up on how much you cared for Stephanie and your clients. I believe it takes an amazingly patient and kind person to do what you do.

Your follow-up is also unbelievable. I know you have very long days working with the birthmothers but you still always managed to get back to me each day and answer any questions we had. This was very comforting since we hadn’t met anyone yet.

When Liza was born and we met you in Florida you and Judy made me feel as if I had known you forever. You made everything very comfortable and thoroughly explained all paperwork.

To this day you are very diligent and organized. I was very impressed to receive the reminder to send in our one month letter. We couldn’t have asked for a better adoption experience. Thank you very much for all of your kindness and for helping to bring us our beautiful daughter.

With warmest regards,

Matt and Crissy



It’s been almost 20 years since we first had the opportunity to meet Sue Deckrow, as we began our journey into the world of adoption!

Sue’s professionalism and support made the whole process of adopting our two daughters much easier. Sue has always been there for us… before, during and after the adoptions were consummated. Having many years of experience working with attorney John Fricker, Sue understands and is sensitive to the emotional ups and downs involved in adopting.

She has an extensive knowledge of adoption with many resources available to assist birth mothers in making the right decision in each individual situation and creating new families! We would highly recommend Sue to anyone considering adoption!


Scott and Marcy



To Who It May Concern

I have worked with Sue Deckrow for the past 12 years. I initially became acquainted with Sue when Mr. John Fricker, Attorney had her join his staff to assist in building a stronger business. Mr. Fricker had a young and fairly small business at that time. Mrs. Deckrow eventually did the majority of initial intakes and the business did substantially grow. She consistently demonstrated the ability to listen and connect to birth mothers. She became well known and respected at hospitals for providing adoption information and treating clients in a respectful manner. Prior to Mr. Fricker’s death she was his “right hand” person, being responsible for case management, staff and fiscal matters. After his death, she continued these responsibilities. From my observations, Mr. Fricker’s office continued through this difficult transition period to be successful in its operation.

I have observed first hand Sue’s strong work ethic, her endless energy and her commitment to the practice of adoption. In addition to her dedication, she is extremely knowledgeable about the adoption process. She is a person of integrity.

Jo Ann Welch L.C.S.W.



We are using Sue Deckrow who works for Atty. Thomas Fischgrund. We only waited 29 days before being matched and I am typing this from the waiting room right now. Our little guy is on his way here!! Sue has been great, the match was so easy and seamless so far. We are hoping for a happy ending and good health from all sides. As of now, I would HIGHLY recommend her.

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