True or False?

There are some common questions that you may have as you consider adoption. As you read the questions below, mark down if you think the answer is True or False.

  • Someone who cares about their child would never consider adoption.
  • People who place their children for adoption have serious mental problems.
  • You will never know how your children are doing if they are adopted.
  • Children who are adopted never know anything about their heritage.
  • Adopted children are always psychologically messed up.
  • No one can love a child as much as its birth mother or father.
  • I will never know anything about the people who adopt my child.

The questions above were tough questions, but, the answer to every single one of them is FALSE! Adoption is the most courageous, selfless act of love that one can provide. There are many reasons for adoption, but if you should choose to place your child for adoption, you will be able to know about your child and their Adoptive Parents.

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